Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two Vistas

Though the day was overcast, the lighting for photography seemed pretty good. So I took a few pictures. Both these photos are with the Nikon 18-135 at 18mm and the aperture at f16 so I could get as much in focus as possible.


  1. Two very nice images using the d o f .

  2. Nice use of the wildflowers in composing these landscapes. The light filtering thru the clouds brought out so many shades of green. A wide view of the valley!Nice !

  3. These are great. Lots of color and the focus is really good. I especially like the top photo with the low hanging clouds or mist rising, I'm not sure which that is.

    1. When the clouds around here are low they stick to the hills and trees much like dragging cotton over a cactus plant...

  4. Very nice shot! Both of these shots it has great colors to it, and good DOF. Good Work!


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