Sunday, July 22, 2012

Going to the fair

I know it may say that Ron went to the fair, but these we were actually taken by me(Aaron). My computer decided to be a pain and since Ron has all the coolest toys and photo editing programs, I thought I would let him do the editing for me and post them to the blog.

With the tempature reaching triple digits, the fair could only be enjoyed late into the evening. So with a little inspiration from a photo seen in a photo magazine I headed out to the fair. All of the photos were takin using my tripod and remote shutter to control shutter lengths to get the look of the rides I wanted. The shutter lengths ranged from 1 to 10 seconds, and with a little help from Ron we converted three of my shots into a HDR. Hope you enjoy the fair photos as much as I did taking them and seeing the results of my vision.


  1. really like the basket weave effect on a couple of those!

  2. Good Job Aaron! These are very cool photos, and I'm glad that you able to find an assistant to do editing for you. Good work!

  3. Aaron these are great! The top two photos remind me of the images one could make with the Spirograph toy (For those old enough to remember...)

    1. I remember the spirograph! Does that mean I'm old??? LOL

      I think I still have mine in a box somewhere along with my old etch-a-sketch.

      The top photo Aaron posted is the HDR image we created. He had three shots he made manual adjustments on without moving the tripod and we put those together just to see what it would look like.

  4. A whirlwind of colors! Good action shots!


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