Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ripe and Red

Just Picked

homegrown tomatoes  homegrown tomatoes
what'd life be without homegrown tomatoes
only two things that money can't buy
that's true love and homegrown tomatoes

From Guy Clarks song 'Homegrown Tomatoes'


  1. oh, love that 'mad bluebird' pic! :)

    1. My,My!, Tex. I was so happy to see you recognized Michael L Smith's "The Mad Bluebird" ! Every aspiring wildlife photographer should read his amazing successful story about how one photo can change one's life!

      This signed Suncatcher was purchased by my wifes Mother around 1984, and a favorite of hers. Now it is a favorite of Charlotte's and occupies a place where the sun shines thru the kitchen window over the sink!

    2. it has been one of my favorites - i'm only disappointed that it was so overmarketed. :)

  2. Is that a homegrown tomato in the picture? LOL

    Great use of the lighting on this one.

    1. This post started out as a view of the last rays of the sun coming thru the kitchen window that were shining on the cookie jar. Charlotte had came in with fresh picked tomatoes and by the time I got my camera out the position of the light had changed and was on the tomato!

      This photo was actually taken Friday evening. Today, Saturday, the tomato took center stage this morning!
      Lightly toasted bread
      Miracle Whip
      Homegrown tomato
      Salt and Pepper

      Life is good when the 'Maters' are producing!

    2. Life is always good when you have a BLT in the morning. I love the lighting on this one. But, where the picture of the BLT? LOL.

  3. Very fine looking tomatoes you've grown! I still only have green tomatoes and they are growing in my greenhouse, but with all the hot sunny weather you've been getting it's no wonder your tomatoes weren't ready a couple of months ago!


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