Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shady Visions

Going With The Flow


Tight shots of a a shade canopy covering the stage of an entertainment pavilion. Shot while taking a walk around the outside grounds of  the Myriad Botanical Gardens. A new feature named, Grand Event Lawn and Bandshell, designed for hosting large gatherings and concerts.


  1. Replies
    1. Tex, I thought about titling the post 'Bare Bones"!

  2. Interesting geometry you've captured, but just enough visual information to make me curious what the entire structure looks like and what the construction materials are!

    1. Paul, I only had my 55mm-200mm lens with me so I didn't get any shots of the complete structure. There was a group setting up so very little time was spent there. Next time I'm over that way will get more details and pics for a more thorough description!

  3. These are cool. I think seeing just the small portions you captured give it an interesting look as compared to what the whole structure probably looks like. I think Paul is right, there's just enough information there to make you curious. The titles match the photos well.

  4. Nice compositions of this interesting design.

  5. I like the way you choose the angle on this shots. The shadows it really bring out the texture of the structure. Good work!


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