Friday, July 27, 2012

Sneaky Wolf

It's amazing just how closely man's best friend and wolfs are related! Every once in a while I am reminded of this especially with my dog Sunny. As soon as Sunny gets near the woods he reverts to "Wolf Mode"!

My apologies for all the "dog" pictures lately... But I don't know any other photo models who will go anywhere, anytime, ride in the back of the truck, do most any thing you ask and all for a bit of dog food! LOL


  1. Sunny even looks a little "wolfy" in your photo.

    Dog food is cheap pay but you also have to hose the model down after a shoot! LOL

  2. i LOVE your dog photos. and i agree with your sentiment, too. such loyalty and entertainment and love in one package. :)

  3. Always like to see Sunny and the rest of his pack. Beautiful canines and wonderful pets!

    Sunny has definately heard the call of the wild in this pic. If you rattle his food sack I bet the trance will be broke!LOL

  4. If the economy doesn't get better soon, I might have to work for a bit of food , but I will work for my new D4 first.

    Nice action shot! It would scare the hell out of me if the dog jump out he bushes like that.


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