Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rail Rodders

Yesterday on my way to Telegraph Cove I found a most interesting group of people with all these funny little "Speeders" or "Inspectors Cars". They were from all over the United States and Canada judging by the license plates on their vehicles. After talking to several of them I come to find that they get together all over North America on a regular basis to ride the rails with their machines, who would have known such a group even existed!


  1. oh my gosh! those are the cutest little things! when i saw the first photo, it took me a minute to realize that was a car on the back of that truck. so dang cute! i want to ride!

  2. When I first saw the title I thought you spelled it wrong but when I saw the photos I was suprised. This is a new one on me, I've never heard of such a thing. I wonder how they get permission to put their "rods" on the rails?

    1. I asked one of the fellows there how they were able to use the tracks in so many places, his answer was that the group makes it worth the track owners while... I'm thinking this group must be well to do to be able to travel around and play like this!

  3. New one on me also! Never knew they grouped to enjoy riding together. Seems to me that would be a great way to see the back country! A wonderful human interest story!

  4. As a post script to this... The title for this post was named after a hilarious short film staring Buster Keaton. The Railrodder was released by the National Film Board of Canada in 1965. If you get bored "Google" "The Railrodder YouTube" it's a great laugh!

    Or copy and paste this to browser:

  5. That would be a fun little ride on the tracks.

  6. Very cool ride! Actually in Durango CO. there's an ultimate ride in one of these cart for $1,200 from Durango to Silverton.


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