Monday, July 16, 2012

When Monkeys Fly

I've often heard the expression " When Pigs Fly " and have used it myself to explain something that I never believed would happen! And so it was on a March visit to the Plaza District in OKC to walk, photograph, observe, and take note of this once vibrant neighborhood that was always making current news with it's emerging Art and Entertainment scene.

Located on N.W.16th between Classen and Penn Ave. , the Plaza District was once at the end of the line for the 1920's Trolley Car System in OKC where a thriving retail community developed. Along came the 1970's and the decline began, lasting through the 1990's. The place was not fit or safe to visit and it seemed the only salvation was the wrecking ball! How little faith I had!

Along about 1997 what was left of the folks that called this neighborhood home decided to band and reclaim their community. A determined and hardy group they are! The Plaza District is now home to Art Galleries, Studios, retail shops, restaurants, and creative young people. The buildings and sidewalks are once again hearing the sounds and feeling the feet of a new generation that are now just  discovering the magic of this place!

Reflections from windows, street scenes, a little more history, curious goods, odds&ends, and a fortune teller will be shown! After all, " Pigs and Monkeys do Fly in The Plaza District "

Plaza District


  1. A new series, this is great! I can't wait to see what photos you came up with.

  2. Parker, I have always maintained that fine arts people, poets, writers and artists, are the vanguards of society, and so it seems! Creative people often feel and see opportunities that less gifted folks are unable to articulate. So happy that this neighborhood is being revitalized!!

  3. that's cool - we're not in kansas anymore, dorothy!

  4. Another series by Parker! I can hardly wait to see what interesting photographs and commentary you are going to post!

  5. Thank you for starting another part of OK. city. Can't wait to see what you came up with!


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