Thursday, July 26, 2012

round n' round

Dizzy Dawg

With a sign painted on the window like this, nothing to do but take a pic and go inside!

Pet Bling Inside

As I walked through the open door a Big Smile and a friendly Hello greeted me! The store owner was opening boxes of new merchandise that had just arrived via the Big Brown Truck seen on the street earlier. Couldn't help but notice her natural blonde hair was just about the same color as the cat laying in the cushioned rocking chair!
     Diamond encrusted collars and leashes of all sizes and colors hang from a rack in the corner. Hard to believe $20 would buy that many diamonds?! Brushes and bowls along with toys and beds lined shelves. Pet snacks and various brands of high quality food filled others! I think just about everything one needs for their pet was stocked!
     Not as large as the big box stores found at your favorite mall, but the customer oriented owner with her knowledge of cats and dogs plus the quality of the merchandise carried, makes this place a winner in my books!

Plaza District


  1. laughing at the store name! too cute and funny!

  2. It appears that the owner knows what's important to pet owners, and she is a good public relations person.

    1. Kate, she was a true gem! If only I could break the ice and start capturing their profile pics as you do! A rare talent you have!

  3. Love her advertising. Looks like a great store.

  4. Nice find, "purrfect" name for a pet bling store! LOL

  5. It seems the store owners in that area all have a good sense of humor. Great name for a pet store! Lots of color would seem to be the theme on all the stores.

    $20 for diamonds? I should have bought my wedding rings there! LOL

  6. I'm still laughing about the blonde. If this store is a winner in your books, then I got to see this one.


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