Sunday, July 8, 2012


While out hiking on a nearby beach with the dogs this afternoon I started noticing feathers, Eagle feathers in fact. Quite common to find around this part of the world but today I decided to take pictures of them. Mostly we just leave them on the beach as they are usually a little beat up like in the top two pictures. Though today I brought the feathers from the bottom two pictures home to add to the collection of "nice ones" we sometimes find before they get all messed up when the tide gets to them.


  1. You are lucky able to do this in Canada! I'm not sure, but I think it's illegal to collect Eagle feathers in USA.

  2. You're killing me here! Great photos and eagles AND you get feathers. I really got to get to Canada. Maybe Q and I can load in with Parker and we'll all drive up. That's alright with you isn't Parker? LOL

    And Q is correct about the eagle feather in the US, very illegal to collect the feathers found in the US.

  3. Nice photos of found Eagle feathers. Very regulated in US as to who can possess them. Very spiritual to the Native Americans!

  4. i'm jealous, too. i pick up owl feathers all the time here, but don't get to see eagles (except for a rare crested caracara aka mexican eagle)

  5. All this talk about laws and whatnot regarding Eagle Feathers... I hope I'm not getting myself in trouble by bringing the odd one home! Guess I should see what if any regulations there are in Canada about this. Never even crossed my mind that this might be against any laws...

    1. Let's hope it's not illegal. I don't think they will let you have a camera in prison! LOL

  6. Oops... A quick search on the internet, looks like collecting any part of any wildlife (antlers, feathers road kill etc) without a permit could get me in hot water with the Fish and Wildlife people here in Canada! By-by feathers... Took them back to the beach first thing before work today!


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