Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Durango, CO.

These pictures are from 8 to 10K feet elevation.  I did took an easy way to get up here by ridding the ski-lift, but I got a hard time breathing while hiking around in this area.  I guess I'm too old for this adventure!


  1. You're not too old for that, you just have too much stuff. I would be glad to hang on to your Nikon 200-400mm lens for you! LOL

    These are great Q! I really like the skies, very dramatic.

  2. Beautiful high country shots! Yes, us flatlanders find the oxygen levels a little thin at those elevations!

  3. Durango looks like an amazing place for hiking.

  4. Nice group of pictures, beautiful mountain vistas!
    Never to old for a walkabout with a good camera... Although 8-10K elevation would probably do me in too, especially when you consider I live right at sea level give or take 50 feet! LOL

  5. There are some gorgeous mountains in the southwest corner of Colorado. I love the San Juans at Ouray. Great shots.



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