Monday, July 30, 2012

Dark Skies and Haunted Forests

These are two more photos from my files that I took a couple of years ago while at the wildlife refuge in Oklahoma. The forest is said to be haunted but I was there while it was dark and nothing bothered me.


  1. A nice study in B&W format.
    The old Cedar Plantings from 1912 make an interesting subject using the processing you chose. Haunted? I think I did hear Ol' Dutch Bill grinding rock on the arrastre over on Cedar Creek just to the north!LOL

  2. You've never heard the story about the forest being haunted? I read it in a couple of the different guide books.

    The forest photo is a series of three I had that I used the HDR processing on. For some reason I actually took three shots using a tripod! LOL

  3. Both of these pictures have that I.R. (infra red) look to them. Very ominous clouds in the top photo and a haunted forest... Sounds like a fun place to explore. Not! LOL


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