Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

Declaration of Independence
opening words

Thomas Jefferson's words are still relevant today!

Standing in Oklahoma's State Fair Park framed by the arch is the Arrows to Atoms tower. Built to celebrate our semi-centennial celebration of Statehood in 1957. The Flag only carried 48 stars at that time. Alaska and Hawaii were not states at that time! (for the trivia fans)


  1. That's quite the arch and tower, nicely captured! Happy Independence day everyone!

  2. neat shot. happy 4th, dear mr. parker.

    1. You surely must be addressing my father with the Mr. part!LOL

  3. This is a perfect angle on the arch. When I first saw your photo I thought you had gone to St Louis and they changed something there.

  4. Wonderful Parker! I love the history and I love being American...even if I was made with French parts. Lol Happy 4th to you and yours.;)


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