Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Can You Dig It?

First thing that caught my eye was the red&white awning shading the windows. Then raising my gaze, the many colored roof tiles capped the top of the building, adding an artsy feel to the structure!

Bright colored window frames held the reflecting glass panes in place, showcasing vintage goods both inside and out!

Who could forget these sinister characters from B&W horror movie days!
(reflected picture taker is not sinister!)

Retro and modern hip goods, along with vintage clothing and other quirky items of odds&ends, occupied the shelves, walls and wherever there was a spot to put a nail! The lady shopkeeper was a blast to talk to and very upbeat on her store and plans to expand! This store is Fun to visit and the merchandise is a hoot to look at. Yes! I DIG IT!

Plaza District


  1. that would make a GREAT candy shop location!

  2. Love the facade tiles! I can spend hours in a shop like this, every where you look you find more and more. Nice find and pictures!

  3. That would be a place I would explore. Nice shots Parker.

  4. It looks like you found a way to get yourself in almost every shot! LOL

    Lots of color in these and I agree with Paul, you could spend hours ina shop like that.

  5. Your photos really illustrate the quirkyness of this wonderful shop. The tiles are spectacular, and I wonder where she got them. The owner must be a hoot.

  6. I think I can Dig it when I see a photographer wearing a Hula shirt, and a Cowboy hat! Yep, I would buy him a drink also.


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