Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Hoku Pau

Hoku Pau means star flower and yes, I just made that up. Well, not the Hawaiian words, they're real and they do mean star and flower. I just put them together to make my own title. Maybe I should write my own book. LOL

I cheated with these fireworks photos, it's been 100+ everyday now for the last two weeks and I just wasn't going to get out in the heat last night to take photos so I am using some shots from last year. Plus I didn't really want to go into the city and be around all of those people.

I'm not sure there were too many fireworks displays last night anyway. There has been a burn ban and fireworks ban on in our county because we haven't had any rain in over a month and everything is dry, dry, dry. The corn crops are just wilting away.


  1. Wow nice captures, really like the middle picture!

    Quite the prolonged hot dry spell your part of the country is having, no real end in sight either I understand... Completely opposite over here on the West Coast, many many days of cool overcast drizzly weather. Finally getting some sun today for the first day in weeks!

    1. Take a fan outside and point it southeast would ya! LOL

  2. i like that first one. almost looks like a ferris wheel. :)

  3. I came up with almost the same thing, only called them Night Flowers. Lovely photos.

  4. You sound like me now - confessing to using archive photos! :) I think archive photos should never be ignored. These are great!

  5. I'm in full agreement with T.Becque. Photos from one's archives are a wonderful resource! (If I could just keep up with the ones already been used)!
    As far as names-call'em like you see'um!LOL


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