Friday, March 15, 2013

A few large trees

In the same area my wife and I found our "Missing Link" rock we came across a half dozen large trees several hundred years old. Everything all around had been logged 50 or 60 years earlier but for whatever reason these few trees had been left behind. What a rare treat to find this little 2 acre patch of "virgin timber". 

Difficult to imagine now but the entire West Coast of North America from Northern California to South East Alaska was once an uninterrupted forest of large trees this size and larger!


  1. Very nice shots and very nice trees! I keep waiting for the shot with the dinosaur in it though. LOL That's a great little forest you have there.

  2. beautiful, huge trees! awe inspiring.

  3. Nice find! The girth and height of those stately trees is amazing. Sure glad the loggers saws got dull before they got to these. Sixty more years of growing equals alot of board feet of lumber!

    Just curious about the species?

    1. I'm no expert but I'm thinking these are Hemlocks judging by the bark on their trunks. The two trees in the first picture were about 9 or 10 feet through the butt which makes them middle aged, still lots of years to grow if left undisturbed.


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