Monday, March 11, 2013

Reflecting on CP filters

Finally got a chance to play with the new CP filter. I've included a rather boring mud puddle picture that does a good job of showing what the filter can do.

What I didn't know was that besides getting rid of reflections they can also increase reflections! This would work real good for enhancing a reflected sunset or making a rainbow more pronounced. As a side note a CP filter also acts like a 2 stop ND filter, two birds with one stone!

Looking forward to when the Salmon are running in the local rivers, should make for some interesting pictures!


  1. I don't know how you've gone this long without the CPL filter. Your photos are great examples of exactly what the filter can do. It's also great fro bringing out more blues in the sky.

  2. You always do such a good review on camera equipment and accesories. Thanks! Nice examples you gave us. If only I would remember to use mine.

    Salmon Run?? Can't wait to see how the new lens performs on that action!


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