Saturday, March 9, 2013

Won't be long now...

Only 10 more days until Spring thank goodness, daylight savings starts tomorrow and I saw the first Robin of the year this morning! All in all I'd say things are looking up.

Took this picture a few hundred feet from the driftwood sculptures I posted yesterday. Still a little snow on the higher parts of Vancouver Island, but not for much longer! 


  1. Picturesque scene! To me that looks like alot of snow. Even in the foothills! Spring Forward!

  2. The background makes me think that perhaps winter isn't so bad after all. Beautiful!

    1. Just so long as the background stays up in the hills! Ha ha

  3. I like this shot. The golden grass in the foreground is a great contrast to the rest of the scene. As much as I am tired of snow, I like the way it looks on the mountains. Especially since the mountains are there and not here! LOL


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