Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dragon's Teeth

This is part of the coast line near Kapalua on Maui. It's actually known as "Dragon's Teeth" because of the way the ocean has eroded the volcanic rock into a jagged edge along the coast.
You have to walk through a golf course to get to the Dragon's Teeth and just before you enter the golf course there is a sign stating that it is dangerous to walk to the coast line and you do so at your own risk. The puzzling thing about that is about ten feet later there are signs posted by the resort who owns the golf course saying here is the trail to Dragon's Teeth, please stay on the trail. Are they trying to warn people of the danger or have them tempt their fate?
The walk is an easy one until you get to the coast and then the rocks are rough and jagged and you stand a good chance of getting sprayed by the ocean on a rough day. I made the mistake of getting too close once and me and the camera got drenched. I was frantic to get the camera back to a spot where I could get it dry and clean off the saltwater but I figured while I was there I would take a few more photos.
The D700 did just fine in the wet and although I wouldn't recommend it, I'm not worried as much any more about the elements getting to the camera. Nikon does a good job of sealing their cameras and I was very impressed with how the D700 did in these conditions. 


  1. Sounds like you've got that "fever" again!!LOL Never seen the Dragons Teeth...thanks for sharing.

  2. The slobberly spray from walking thru the dragon's mouth while checking out it's teeth would have stopped me! Sealed or not, if I had a D-700, salt water spray getting on my equipment would have stopped the walk. Would have stashed the camera where it was High&Dry then made the hike! Bet a guy could find some nice golf balls amongst the teeth if the dragon didn't swallow them!

    Seems that every trail these days comes with a warning of a perceived danger. I thank them! Keeps alot of folks at the trailhead and makes my hike more pleasant. Wonder what they think of our Off Trail hikes we make Ron? That's where the adventure is!

    Really like that last shot with the waves busting the lower jaw of the dragon's mouth sending the spray over the teeth. Tells the story!

    1. I'm sure some of our off trail hikes might get a few dirty looks or even a citation or two! LOL

  3. Good to know that I'm not the only one who inadvertently punishes his Nikon with salt water... Ha ha!

    I can see why the locals would have called this Dragon's Teeth. Nice set of pictures. I have to agree with Parker, like that bottom picture!


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