Monday, March 18, 2013

Black-eyed Susan

Stages and Phases

It was almost October when I came upon this dark eyed beauty! May to July according to the books is when this cycle should occur! As usual I chose my eyes to make the final choice! Oklahoma is a fickle State and we are subject to change on a whim!

Upper center in the photo finds seed pods drying in the sun. A tad lower are the pods still clutched in green. My favorite are the yellow flowers which are still begging attention from pollinators! Entangled as they appear it is just a phase in their cycle!

Brown -eyed Susan!

Ox-eye daisy, poor-mans daisy, or poor land daisy, take your pick! Sometimes it even chooses to remind you of a sunflower and blooms in May. Fickle!

Black or Brown?

Whatever you choose to call this Wildflower, if you are are a visitor to the Refuge from May thru September, chances are good to see this fickle beauty!
Remembering Fall
part 5


  1. i love 'em. they're so bright, you can't help but smile when you see them.

  2. That top picture would be perfect for a flower field guide in that it shows all the phases of this flower in one nicely presented photo though I really like the bottom photo also!

  3. Does look like a sunflower, very pretty too.


  4. I'm with Paul on this one, the top photo would be perfect for a guide book.

  5. You must know your flowers. I grew up mostly in desert please excuse me - I thought they were sunflowers. I really like how you describe these flowers and I did think it was a sunflower. Pretty pictures. Who knew there were so many variations of daisies? Such wildflower and fickle they are. Like Randy said...they are such happy flowers too. =)

    1. Sandy, I think of them as sunflowers also. As far as knowing my flowers-I have a couple of good guide books! Will say though, that after a few years of taking pics and identifying the wildflowers from the books, starting to be able to ID a few on sight! Makes a walk or hike more interesting for me!


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