Monday, March 4, 2013

On the Reef in Maui

As I sit here in my office trying to catch up on work I realize that I don't like snow as much as I used to. We've had a couple of days above freezing now and although we are thawing out, we still have more of the white stuff on the ground than I have seen in years.

I had to go back to the Maui photos just to warm myself up. These were taken on a reef along Ka'anapali Beach. I'm hoping to get even better photos next year. I purchased a strobe (flash) unit for my underwater housing this weekend which will allow me to shoot at a lower ISO and give just a little bit of needed light to make the shots clearer and more detailed. I'll find out in just 312 days! LOL


  1. 312 days, the big countdown, all that snow must be a killer for you and Cheryl!

    Love the aqua colors in these pictures, I especially like the last shot with the fish in mid water.

    I think a strobe would be a great addition to your UW housing!

  2. For me, the countdaown started the day after we got back!

    I've got a lot of learning to do with the underwater photography since I can only snorkel now. It changes the types of shots I can get but opens up a lot of other possibilities. I have a few ideas on some "fancy" shots I want to try that I have seen and they require a flash. I just wish I had a spot around here I could do some praticing at.

  3. whatever works for you, ron! :)

  4. Having just a few days a year to shoot underwater would have to be just a little frustrating. Just about the time one was feeling comfortable with his gear it would be time to leave!

    The suspended school of zebra striped fish made for a nice shot! Curious looking with all heads looking down.

  5. I thought the fact they were all together was curious!

    I was swimming along with my head underwater and all of the sudden I was surrounded by hundreds of fish. I was thinking at the time "this is a hell of a spot to snorkel" but once I came up to look around to see where I was I found out there was a lady in the water with a bag of frozen peas throwing them out for the fish. The fish are all looking for the peas as they sank.


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