Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturated Eagle

This fellow was totally focused on fish and didn't seem too concerned about me being there with a camera so I was able to get some nice close pictures. He even came over and gave me the "got more" look after he was done!

Been quite wet over here on the Coast last few days and this poor fellow was just saturated. Come to think of it the camera and I were pretty wet after about 20 minutes of picture taking too. 

I've never worried much about being out in the rain with my D50 or D90 and lenses and have gotten my gear quiet wet a number of times over the years, "knock on wood" I've never had any problems as a result of it. Have to hand it to Nikon for building a very usable product! Can't let a bit of rain hold you back!


  1. OK, now I really hate you! LOL

    Nice close up shots. I guess you took a lesson from Q's book of tricks and fed the eagle? I can't imagine getting grabbed by one of those claws they have. Those look mighty dangerous!

    1. A fisherman threw out a few scraps when he saw me there with a camera, the Eagles knew just what to do and put on quite a performance!
      Unfortunately the light wasn't all that good and I kept maxing out the camera buffer. At the end of the day I had missed a bunch of really nice shots and many of the ones I did get were out of focus. Shooting birds in flight is definitely a challenge of my equipment and present skill level, but I'm more happy to learn... Practice makes perfect!

    2. Maxing out the buffer is easy to do. About the only thing you can do there is to get a faster memory card and even that won't help completely. You must have been taking a lot of shots if you maxed the buffer shooting jpegs.

      How high did you have your ISO set? I always forget about turning that up some to get a faster shutter speed.

    3. ISO was 1600 I should have had it at 3200 and autofocus was at single. I had 0 time to prepare, really brought out the amateur in me. Ha ha!

  2. These pics are awesome Paul. I never realized an eagle's feet were so yellow.


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  4. 'Shots of Opportunity' knocked on your door! Way to go!

    For some reason I never had the eagles pictured as scavengers. Always thought of them eating fresh kills they caught themselves? Oh Well!

    Nice to know about rain and the Nikons. I've always been worried when a shower came up and got a few drops on my camera.

    1. Yes Eagles like their Vulture cousins are often opportunistic scavengers. Though they are just as often proficient hunters when the opportunity presents its self.

      I can be demanding of my tools, trucks, cell phones and cameras all within reason of course and have very little time for junk equipment... Nikon has definitely earned my respect.


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