Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's five o'clock somewhere

A beach in Honokowai in HDR at sunset.
I was playing around one evening and took my tripod out into the water to get a few sunset shots. I took a couple of series of bracketed shots just to see what Hawaii would look like in HDR.
People sure look at you funny when you walk around with a tripod, especially when you start strolling out into the ocean. I guess I should have been carrying a beer and then no one would have thought anything about it. I've got to get me one of those beer holders for my tripod!


  1. ha ha. really like this, though! weirdo...

  2. Beer holder for the tripod? Now that would probably make a fellow remember to use one! Lol

    Snazzy Pic and Jimmy Buffet approved!

  3. Beer holder for a tripod, makes perfect sense to me... Take that Idea to "Dragon's Den" you could get rich. Ha ha!

    Your efforts definitely paid off, this is a great photo!

  4. Love it.. Beautiful image in HDR.. Cheers!!!..


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