Friday, March 1, 2013

Digging out

The weather man was actually right, sort of. The blizzard arrived but it showed up about 12 hours later than they said it would.
I had to go to town Monday afternoon to drop off some packages to be shipped and by the time I had started to head back this first photo is the view I had coming home.

If I didn't have snow on my lens you could tell that this was a buffalo standing out in the blizzard. I had the P7700 with me on my trip to town just in case and I'm glad I did.

We already had a foot of snow on the ground from the snow storm last week and this storm dropped another foot of heavy wet snow on everything. It also caused our power to go out Monday. They finally got us reconnected on Wednesday night and then the power went out again last night.
They got us reconnected about midnight and so far we still have power but they are saying more snow today.

There was so much snow on the ground the snow plow could only clear a single lane on the road. The plow couldn't move all of the snow because it was so wet and heavy.
I have to say I am tired of the snow and cold. Bring on the lousy heat of summer!
All of these shots were taken with "Cheryl's" P7700.


  1. Nothing for us...AGAIN!!! I am now thinking ahead to spring and hoping for RAIN. :) Stay warm and be careful out their moving that snow.

  2. Glad to here from you folks! Was fixing to call out a search party!

    "Lousy heat of Summer". LOL Have to admit after looking at all this snow, a day or two of 102 degrees in the shade would feel good!

  3. I would agree. It started snowing here again about 30 minutes ago. Hopefully it's a light snow and not another 10-12 inches!

    It's been one of those weeks. Cheryl was getting pretty antsy without power because everyday without power put us two days behind in work so now we are both trying to get caught up on our sales orders. I think it's going to be a loooong weekend!

  4. gosh, it's pretty, but i hate the power outages it causes, too.

  5. That's a serious amount of snow you got there! And more on the way? I'm thinking it would be pretty easy to justify getting one of those nice quiet little Honda inverter generators, especially if your business depends on having power!

    Really like the Buffalo picture and the cabin in the woods picture would be perfect for a Christmas card.

    1. We spent the last few days talking about generators. We are going to purchase a 10KW propane back up generator for the house in a couple of months and then start supplementing that with wind and solar. Eventually, we hope to get completely off the grid.

    2. Nice! Great investment, I've seen some pretty good deals on units like this through Costco. Way better than a portable gas generator any day!

  6. I would take some of your snow if I could Ron. We are having a snow drought in Pa. It all goes by us. Nice shots.


  7. Wow, that is a lot of snow! Looks like its time to go back to Hawaii:)

  8. The shot of the buffalo is so cool.


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