Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Missing Link?

While out hiking along a local river my wife and I stumbled across this most interesting rock, or could it possibly be the elusive missing link between ape and man... Early riverbed man, ha ha!


  1. Important find and excellent photo documentation of a fossilized skull from an infant Sasquatch. It was always thought Bigfoot originated from the Pacific NW Region of North America somewhere in the Marble River drainage. Now the paleoanthropological community finally has proof of this bipedal humanoid that until now was only known in folklore. Expect throngs of semi-quasi paleoanthropologists to descend upon your quiet community when this news gets out! Some will even be searching for the elusive proof of it's South American cousin "Chupacabra", but thats another story!LOL!
    I would have to bring the skull rock home and give it a face painting. Nice find and post!

    1. Ha ha... Funny, funny guy!

      You were very close in your placement of this find, only a few miles and one drainage away.

      For whatever reason neither my wife or I thought to bring this particular rock home... Lord knows we have a huge collection of other rocks and stuff we've drug home over the years!

  2. LOL! Nice find! You need to tell your wife she needs a real camera though. LOL


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