Monday, March 11, 2013

Prairie Dweller

Tasting the Honey

The Pocket Naturalist guide to Oklahoma Trees&Wildflowers tells me this yellow specimen is a Partridge Pea Bloom. Hopefully I identified it correctly. One of it's qualities was being a source of  honey! Full sun and growing in dryer areas were others.

Butter Yellow

This was my first time of sighting this wildflower and was happy to have the opportunity to add this to my collection of photos. Collecting a photo of every wildflower growing in the Wichita Mtns. makes for a fun goal and a reason to get out and shoot pictures!

Remembering Fall
part 2


  1. looks a bit different than the partridge pea here in texas, but i wouldn't know what else to call it, so i'll give it to you.

    1. Had me a time identifying it also. Seen the ones that grew close to the ground but this one fell into the 1 to 3ft height range. Did a little more searching and came up with a partridge pea that grew tall and grew in Okla. The bloom dates matched as well as the identifying pics, so called it best I could.

  2. Your timing for photographing this particular wildflower was dead on! What a beautiful specimen you captured, I especially like how that top picture turned out.

  3. Very nice shots! Lots of birght colors. I really like the top one with the bug in it.

  4. I'm working backwards in time since I've not been commenting for awhile. These colors are another photo with brilliant hues. I'd like to pick the flower and wear it in my hair.


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