Friday, March 15, 2013

Maximilian Sunflower

Roadside Prince

Named for Prince Maximilian who was an early day visitor to America from Prussia. Interested in natural history and botanical observations he even spent some time with the Mandan Indians in North Dakota during 1832-1834.

Reaching for the Sun

A tall and leggy growing plant that produces an abundance of flowers. Amazing the slender stalk can support them all!

Fall Yellow

Blooming begins in late August or early September. A sure signal that fall has arrived or will be here shortly!

Maximilian Sunflower
The Prince of Sunflowers

Remembering Fall
part 4


  1. i see them here, sometimes. like them a lot!

  2. No wild Sunflowers around here... Too bad because these are very nice looking plants. Nice group of photos, I especially like the warm dreamy look of the last picture!

  3. I enjoy these flowers any time of the year. The colors are always so cheerful. I also appreciate the history lesson your provided. Great shots of a brilliant-colored flowers!

  4. Those are bright! I think the second shot is the best of them all. Spring will be here soon and you will have more flowers to shoot. Let me know when you plan on making a trip to the mountains.

    1. Not quite sure when I will get away but hopefully sometime next month after Easter. I will let you know for sure.

      Looking back at the dates from my spring wildflower pics over the years, May seems to be the month with the most variety, although June is a close second.

  5. They are such happy flowers. Wonderful photograph Parker.


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