Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Orcas in the Narrows

Found this small Pod of four Orcas in the Narrows while on my way to Quatsino this afternoon. Fortunately I already had the camera out and ready to go with the Sigma 120-400.

In order to get all four Killer Whales in the same picture I had to combine two pictures together in Photoshop. For whatever reason they never all came to the surface at the same time...


  1. Marvelous....
    I would like to see it myself... One day perhaps !


  2. Interesting creatures swim in the waters up your way Paul. Just being out and seeing this sight would be a privilege!

  3. Photoshop? You mean you cheated? LOL!

    Whales always intrigue me. That's one of the reasons Cheryl and I like going to Hawaii in January because it's whale season then and you can see quite a few. No orcas though!


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