Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm back!

After all those time I'm spending at the new job, and building stuffs around the house.  I have decided to a little break, and heading down to park near my house.  This is a first time I have seen this type duck in my area, so I don't know it will be stay around permanently.


  1. Good to have you back Q! Work sucks doesn't it? LOL

    Great shot!! Was this with the 200-400mm?

    I've been looking at primes the last week or so. Can't decide what's best to get. I've been looking at the 500mm f4 and the 400mm f2.8. Teleconverter use on the 2.8 is supposed to be fantastic up to the 1.7x. Any thoughts on your end?

    1. Hey Ron, this one is on Canon EOS 1D X with 600mm lens.

      On the 400mm vs 500mm, if you want the reach go for 500mm. I'm not impressed with the picture quality when I use the tele. with these lens due to f stops taking away. The 400mm it's a great lens for sports outdoor, and indoor. If you don't mind about the picture quality, you can get the 400mm with a tele. so that way you can get more reach than 500mm. I would get the 400mm now, then a 600mm or 800mm later.

    2. Canon? Canon?? Are you going to the dark side? LOL

      Yea, I'll run right out and get one of those 800mm lenses. Can I come live with ou when I do? I'm sure Cheryl would kick me out of the house once I bought it! LOL

      I had settled on the 400mm 2.8 with the tele but this week I have been leaning more toward the 500mm or 600mm. I've been looking at used ones and when it comes down to it it's going ot be all about what kind of deal I can get. The 500mm lenses are selling about a grand or two cheaper than the 400mm lenses but I've been looking at the 600mm and the 200-400mm. It's all so confusing!

    3. I have use all the lens you have mentioned above. I would recommended to get the 400, and 600. But, I would get the 600 first if you can get a good price, and the lens in good cond. The 400 is good if you shoot sports in low light cond. but it's not practical for wildlife. There's a few time from the bird shooting I wish I have the 600 instead of the 200-400. Good Luck!

    4. By the way, are you looking for a Nikon 600mm f/4 VR or Nikon 600mm f/4D ED-IF II AF-S?

    5. I'd love to have the VR version but it's all going to come down to money and what I can find. More than likely I will be getting the non VR version. I figure I will always have it on a tripod anyway so I can get by without the VR.

  2. I thought that there was someone sitting on its back ;-)
    Very nice picture!

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  3. All work and no play is not a good thing. Happy you got out for awhile!

    I can't imagine what you were doing to this duck to make it put it's arms in the air like this? Looks like a stick up to me! Nice pic that gave me a laugh this morning!

  4. About time you came back! Ha ha.

    Nice to see another of your excellent pictures, nice capture!


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