Monday, March 11, 2013

I'll see your sage....

... and raise you a papaya!

I thought as long as we are talking about warm plants I might as well throw some tropics into the mix.


  1. Nice! Great angle you chose to shoot the plant. Gives it a Tall look!

    1. Well, that's because it was tall! The tree was probably 10-12 feet tall. I did purposely get under it though to cut out most of the tree.

  2. What now you have Papaya wild flowers growing in Oklahoma too? Ha ha!

    Sure wish those would grow around here, be nice to grab a fresh rype Papaya when ever you wanted...

  3. I'm liking the mix Ron. Spring is working it's magic in the northern hemisphere anyway. =) Nice photos. I hear papaya is good for the stomach. Happy Spring.


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