Sunday, March 24, 2013

I'm learning...

Had a few minutes to kill yesterday afternoon so I headed down to the Port Hardy waterfront, always something of interest going on down there. Sure enough one of the Coast Guard boats was coming into Hardy Bay, so I put the Sigma 120-400 on the camera, set the aperture to f8 and started taking some pictures as it approached.

Then out of the blue this Eagle shows up and starts putting on a show... Rather than panic and take a bunch of Eagle pictures I would regret later, I quickly but carefully adjusted the camera from aperture priority back to "P", ISO to 3200 and the auto focus from  "S" to "C" for moving objects.

My methodical readjustments to the camera rather than just stabbing away at the shutter buttons paid off with several Eagle pictures of a presentable quality!

All pictures taken with the Sigma 120-400 handheld except the top shot, I was resting the camera on the hood of my truck for that one.


  1. WOW! You got it, and nice work!

  2. Those are nice! I really like the bottom shot a lot.

  3. i'd have dropped my camera, for sure!

  4. Lots of action going on in that Bay. John P. Tully is looking good as he goes about his business.
    No doubt about it. The eagle action shots is 'proof in the pudding' that your planned camera settings were calculated well. Good going and extra nice pics!!


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