Sunday, March 24, 2013

House guest

Spring you say??
We woke up to 30mph winds and 22 degrees this morning and oh yea, 6+ inches of snow on the ground!
I also found this new house guest in the eave of our garage. I'm not sure how he got in and it's too damn cold to go outside and look for holes right now so hopefully he'll be happy right where he's at until I can get outside and figure it out.
I took this with the Nikon 28-300mm lens and the SB-900 flash from about 20 feet away. There is a screened vent behind and below the owl that was letting in a lot of light from the reflection off the snow. I wasn't sure the flash would give me enough fill light to bring out the owl so I turned the ISO up to 6400.
I don't have a clue what kind of owl this is. I think he was happy to be out of the snow and wind though.


  1. he or she is beautiful! not sure on the i.d. either. hope it gets back out on its own!

  2. Nice picture, especially considering the conditions you were shooting in, came out pretty good for ISO 6400!

    Good fortune for your new house guest, great place to sit out your less than stellar Spring weather.

  3. It's a pretty thing, doesn't look very old either. Great shot.


  4. Nice looking visitor you got there, and hopefully he or she will stay around for awhile.

  5. Feathers all puffed up and a blank stare,-Man that guy even looks cold!


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