Monday, July 26, 2010

20 minutes of mayham... sort of.

Today I took about 200 pictures within 20 minutes. First I found a Doe and a couple of kids took about 3 pictures, adjusted the aperture (accidently bumped the selector dial to manual) and took about 97 more very dark deer pictures. The above picture is a Photoshop recovery of one of the dark pictures, don't look at it real close up because it is full of pixel noise and fuzzy...

A mile and a few minutes later after cursing myself for being such a klutz with the camera controlls I came upon some Loons and after taking another 100 or so pictures felt much better. Gotta be at least one good picture today out of all that! Oh yeah and all the Loons are in focus too!


  1. Sorry to hear about that. But, atleast you can adventure yourself on the outdoor today. Unlike the rest of us wouldn't dare to do that this time of the year.

  2. I can feel your pain. I have just now started to get into the habit of chekcing my settings everytime I pick up the camera.

    I will say that the recovery isn't a bad job. I've noticed that you can recover a lot more if you are shooting in RAW format. I should be shooting everyting that way but I don't but I do try to shoot anything in low light in RAW just in case I need to fix it and that happens a lot!

    I may have to break down and buy the Nikon NX2 software and start shooting everything in RAW.

    The loons are a great shot, the one in the back seems to be looking at you in a salute type fashion as they pass by. Maybe he new you had the camera set right!

  3. Well you most certainly saved the day with the "Eyes Left" in focus pic of a formatiom of Loons! ( That is not our crew is it ? ) LOL


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