Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blown Highlights!

I usually have the camera set to show highlights in the display after the picture has been taken... The only thing flashing in the display after this picture was taken was my bright white legs! I wonder if they make a Graduated ND filter for that? LOL

Found this shallow sandstone cave on one of our hikes a couple of weeks ago. After looking at it for a time the lightbulb above my head came on! I handed the camera to my Wife and after she got me lined up with the cave opening, she took my picture. Now I remember why I have always been more comfortable on the other end of the lens...


  1. You got to do something with that sexy legs before your Hawaii trip. LOL.

  2. If you were in Okla. the rattlers would have to be shooed out before entering.

    First time I've had to put sunglasses on to view a pic! LOL

    Thats a nice pic. Your competition might be your hiking friend. Lets see, another camera, more lens, matching camera bag,-----I think you need a night job! LOL

  3. Yikes! My eyes!! Am I seeing sun spots??

    You're a braver man than I, I only wear shorts at night or in places where nobody knows me!! LOL

    I like the way you lined yourself up with the opening. I guess the light bulb that came on was brighter than your legs! You even got your one hand curled just right. Bravo to your wife!

    And yea, a graduated ND filter turned upside down would help those legs! :~)


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