Monday, July 26, 2010

Yosemite National Park


  1. Man, you're killing me with these shots!!! I guess I don't get out as much as I thought! LOL

    All of these photos are fantastic but the top photo is absolutely amazing! Great colors, great focus, you even get a reflection from the water AND you can see into the water!

    Did you have to lay down in the cold water to get the last shot? It looks like you are right at ground level almost.

    Nice job with the photo shop in the second photo. That's really where I need to do some learning. I'm pretty much computer illiterate to begin with and then when you throw in something like photos and photo shop I get to where I just want to start drinking and beating my head on the desk! LOL

  2. Not only are your photos great your locations of travel are equally diverse and interesting!

    Snow in July, Cool! LOL

  3. Ron, I try to travel as much as I can before I kick the bucket. Get there on your vacation spots is easy. Have time to shoot is hard for me, most of the time my wife, and my 2 young kids waiting for me in the hotel room or in the car while I'm adventuring the wild. Therefore, most of my shots you can see someone in it.

  4. Well if these are rushed shots I'm not sure I want to see any when you are taking your time and relaxed. I'd probably get too depressed! LOL

    I know what you mean about the wife and kids. I tried getting my wife interested by buying her a camera and that lasted about ten minutes! When we are on vacation she'd rather I take the photos as long as we still have time to go to the spa! (can't really blame her there, nothing like a good massage!)

  5. OK that's it... I'm going to throw my camera gear out and just buy some post cards and calenders for the nice pictures and find another expensive hobby... LOL

    Quynh these are all beautifuly done. I especially like the top photo, everything is in focus and the colours are vibrant!

  6. Yosemite National Park is one of the stunning natural parks in USA which is the phenomenon a crux element in environmental history and a visitor friendly playground. The park is almost 1200 square miles, the same size as Rhode Island and it gets approximately 4 million visitors a year.
    I’d definitely recommend travelers to take a tour towards this place.


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