Wednesday, July 28, 2010


OK, not really, but they were walking fast!

The wife and I were headed down the drive way to go out for some dinner the other night when we quickly found ourselves surrounded by a small herd of longhorns.

I thought about honking the horn to get them to move but then I wasn't sure how much putty it would take to fill a hole in the side of the car made by a longhorn.

This is my front yard as part of the herd was moving through. The only saving grace is that I don't have to do too much mowing!


  1. That old grey bull in the last pic is pretty good size! He's wearing his WR brand on left front shoulder with pride!

    Good shots.

  2. No question who has the right of way in these sort of situations! And to think I was a little upset about the neighbours dog wandering through my yard... LOL

    Nice close in shots on the first two pics. Also great yard you got there by the way, home on the range or what!

  3. Nice shots Ron! I think this is big safety issues for those cows freely walking into the residential area.

  4. Quyhn Le, I live on a 60,000 acre wildlife refuge that is considered an open range. The long horn, buffalo, elk and deer all have the right of way.

    It can make for some interesting days!


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