Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun night shots in Waikiki

Ron asked me to post a picture on this blog site of a Waikiki troley car which I had posted on another photo sharing site (Hawaiidigicam). I called the photo "Electric Trolley Car" it got a surprising number of views for such a disasterous picture! The top and bottom pictures were taken at the same time.

Must have been the warm tropical air, gentle Kuhio breeze, ukulele music and the smiling faces all around me that made me the crazy photographer that night in Waikiki.


  1. These are really fun to look at shots. The photos are so alive and full of motion!

    The electric trolley car catches my eye!

  2. Thanks for posting the pics Paul. I think the trolley car one is really interesting!

    Are you sure it wasn't a mai tai or two that made you a "crazy photographer" that night? The first and third photos look like the wind was blowing you around a little! I'm not sure even having the VR on a lens would help those! LOL


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