Saturday, July 31, 2010


The Wichita Mountains are suppose to be older than the Rockies. So how many years did it take to form this arch ?
While climbing around on Mt. Doris or Baldy as more commonly known, I thought this little rock bridge was interesting.
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  1. No kidding, How cool is that! What a great find, nice pictures too. I like the top one with the lake in the background.

  2. It looks like a good place for snakes to hide or maybe for someone to hide something really quick when on the run! LOL

    The next time you're down here we'll get you set up with some editing software. I like the lake shot also. With the right software you could tone down the bright sky in the background and make it even better.

  3. He's just lucky I was only shooting with a camera. When it comes to carrying things like guns and cameras there is one thing I always have with me and the rest of the time I have to go get my camera! :~)


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