Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In Ron's last post he coined the phrase ( Shots of Opportunity ). I need to borrow that phrase to describe my feelings on what my photography means to me. I feel so fortunate to be associated and accepted by a class act of fellow photographers with all degrees of skill levels each with a sincere desire to deliver a photo of interest and quality. Each and everyone is willing to share every skill that was learned or found by trial and error. This is all taken in and hopefully some of it will stick in my mind.
I had a Nikon setup (numerous lens, filters and accesories ) in the early 70s and 80s. This was bought for recording my numerous hunting trips and adventures that took me from Mexico to Canada and points in between, but primarily in the Western states. This Nikon was my constant companion on many trips on my motorcycle. Everything was shot in slides 35mm. At some point it seemed the camera was getting in the way of my having fun. Lugging around camera and at least two lens to even make a short hike seemed to take away from the enjoyment of just enjoying where I was. When getting back home there was the wait and exspense of development of the film. Half of the slides were thrown away and the other half really needed editing with an occasional real keeper in the crowd. ( I'm talking lots of rolls of 36 Exp. ) This is not to say I was not happy with alot of the results just that it was becoming exspensive and a chore to keep up with all the stored slides and projectors and screens .
Jump to 2008. Kids gave me a Nikon setup with two lens and bag. The Digital Age arrived on my doorstep! I finally retired and found myself with time to enjoy things with no rush. An interest was kindled again in taking pictures. Now if I can learn my camera, and transfer the pics to computer all will be well. Wife helped me start doing this. Now what do I want to take pics of? Hiking had become my new interest so it became a natural to become a photographer of Shots of Opportunity.
I enjoyed travels in my Fifth Wheel so I decided that would be my base for my new photo taking and enjoyment. The Digital world has opened up a new world of interest that I am enjoying again. I have decided to take it slow and easy ,try to learn what my camera and lens,plus filter I have added to the best of my ability will do. I downloaded Picasa 3 for my storage and editing. Photoshop is a little intimadating to me right now. I'm sure with time I will move up to it. I have lots of support from my family(I'm the recorder of family events) plus my honest friends on Shutterbugs.(Tell it like it is brother).

My mission is to travel when I can , use my camera as best able, keep something of interest in front of the lens, always back up the pic with a story, appreciate all the knowledge and apply it as I can from the excellent tips , and keep taking SHOTS OF OPPORTUNITY !!
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  1. Well I have to admit I looked at the pictures first before I read your story and the first thing that popped into my head is: Where the hell is that tree with the spike in it??? :~)

    That was a great narrative and a great "mission" statement. We should all be that way.

    "Shots of opportunity", who knew? LOL

    Your photos are clean and clear and crisp and the subject matter makes one think of days gone by.

    Now where the hell is that tree???? LOL

  2. Story got way to long but it was what I was feeling.

    Your phrase Shots of Opportunity really explained my mission. I Now Claim It As My Own with credits to Author! LOL

    Where is the Spike? Check out next post.

  3. Well said! This is the first photographers mission statement I've ever read and you sumed it up perfectly. Nice pictures to go with too!

  4. That's the way to retired! I hope I could do that when it's my turn to retired. You have a gift of spotting out things that interesting for photograph. Nice work!


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