Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Fisherman

Here is an interesting picture, actually only about 1/4 of a picture taken at 400mm (I croped it some). By rights it should all be in focus, but the heatwaves rising off the water have given the boats in the background an almost water colour painting look.


  1. Just like a paiting. Did you take a shot at the boat only?

  2. The bending of the light by the heatwaves produced a very pleasant pic.

  3. Heat waves off the water? That must be some hot water!! LOL

    I like the waves, I agree with Quyhn Le, a shot like that with just the boats in it would be great.

    That's good shooting with the lens handheld at 400mm. Normally the "waves" would make the photo blurry because the lens moved. White legs or not, you have some pretty steady hands!


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