Sunday, October 16, 2011

All alone on the prairie

This tree was pointed out to me by another photographer friend of mine who said she always wanted to get a shot of it when the sky was right. I think I happened to be there when it was right.

This would make a great sunrise photo since you are facing east when looking at the tree but the sky would have to be just right and of course, someone else would probably have to take it because I hate to get up early! LOL


  1. I'd say the sky was right. Good shot!

  2. What a great big beautiful sky to go with that tiny little tree... LOL

    I think you would need to get closer to the tree or use your telephoto lens to bring the tree closer to you for this picture look right.

  3. I actually thought of that and took a couple of photos zoomed in but it didn't give me the sky I was wanting.

    What I really needed was the wide angle and then to be just a few feet from the tree but this was a one lens hike. I'll be back and next time I'll make sure to take the wide angle.

  4. Nice capture of the feel of the vast open range of the prairie.

  5. You do know how to use your ultra wide angle lens. Very Nice!


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