Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Colors

Cheryl and I went for a drive this weekend to find some fall colors. We even went out to the nearby lake but we couldn't find anything anywhere. I was somewhat disappointed!

I ended up taking these photos of two trees that are in my neighbors yard across the street from our house. I should have saved the gas! LOL


  1. Colorful pics indeed. It's still to early for any fall shots in my town. Usually my pair of Sweet Gums are showing a little hint of things to come, but no showing yet. You folks are on a different latitude than here.

  2. LOL funny story, looking all over when the trees were right there! Sounds like something I would do...

    You really captured some spectacular fall colors in these two shots! These trees don't look familiar to me, what kind are they?

  3. They are big ones with pretty leaves! LOL

    That's about as close as I can get other than guessing they are some kind of maple tree. I'll have to find my tree book (yes, I really have one) and see what it says.


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