Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall colors

There probably won't be very many fall colors in the Wichita Moutains this year, the first real rain they have gotten in the last several months came on Saturday while we were there. They got almost three inches of rain by the time it was done but I don't know if it will help the colors any.

Everything on the refuge is either brown from no rain or black from the fires. It was a little sad but I guess that's how nature works sometimes.


  1. These trees are interesting colors... Guess it's the prolonged drought in that area and fire as you pointed out.

    Watching the news this morning I see Parts of Texas also got some much needed rain. About time! Hopefully the weather down your way gets back to normal...

  2. This is SAD! We are looking forward to return this peaceful area in Nov. I guess we heading to South East OK. for the Fall Foliage.

  3. You might do some checking before you go. With the lack of rain just about everywhere in Oklahoma there may not be many colors anywhere.

    The only real green I saw last week was the few weeds that had survived and the cedar trees.

  4. Seems as if the brown will be the only color in the refuge this Fall.


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