Saturday, October 29, 2011

Twin Falls

Found this picture in the archives from 2005. I was still using the D50 in those days and had just purchased a brand new Tamron 18-200 to go with. The post processing and frame are from this evening using Photoshop cs4.


  1. What a nice pic on this early Sunday morning. Peaceful and serene, perfect.

    Very well composed with the falling water taking on the cotton candy look. Sweet photo indeed!

    What else do you have put away in that archive that needs to see some daylight?

  2. This is a great shot! You captured the water just perfect and that's a pretty fancy frame with the name!

    This photo reminds me of someplace, let me think, I know it will come to me, I think it starts with an "H".... LOL

  3. What a wonderful spot. Great shot Paul.

  4. Perfectly job well done on this shot! Since, you did not mentioned about the tripod, I guess this is a handheld shot.

  5. Q I did use a tripod for this shot, also I used a low ISO and small aperture to get a long shutter opening so I could make the flowing water look all smooth and silky...


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