Friday, October 28, 2011

TIMES UP! continue yesterdays story. The impromptu photo session seemed to be going well, with the subject presenting various poses of his choice. Then I began to see the start of a pose that would only spell trouble! The first sign was the mouth beginning to slightly open then a more rigid body.

Turning to face me with legs in a wide stance, and tail up and stiffened, told me that the time had run out for anymore pictures today! So politely, as I snapped this shot while slowly backing away, he was thanked for the two minute photo shoot that was allowed before I just had to go!

These Buffalo are very large and very unpredictable. The best rule of thumb is to keep your distance.! They can move fast in spite of their size! I've heard it said that those who know them best tend to trust them the least.


  1. You mean you let him pose how he wanted and not how you wanted him to pose? What kind of photographer is that? LOL

    Very nice shots! And yes, you don't want to trust them, they can run up to 30 miles an hour I am told.

  2. Love the softness of the color in this. Nice shot Parker. Yes, best keep your distance though. I remind myself of that with the vicious sea lions around Moss Landing. I love the new look of your blog. The header picture is terrific! Thanks Parker for all your supportive comments. I appreciate them. Take care and have a very great weekend.

  3. What an excellent opportunity and you were definitely up to the occasion!

    Both of these pictures came out excellent. Of the two I think I like the bottom photo the best!

  4. What an amazing thing to see. Lucky you.

  5. I have learn my lesson in Wyoming about sneaking around shooting the wild animals. It cost me a D3, a 70-200mm , and some of other accessories. You will never know when the other one show-up behind you.

    You are a brave man Parker.

  6. You mean you let the buffalo take your gear? I would have been having buffalo burgers before I let D3 go! LOL


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