Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blame it on Paul!

Really, it's not my fault. Paul started it with the waterfall photo. LOL

10, 023 feet high
At the top of Haleakala Volcano on Maui, looking into the crater. A grainy film shot taken while freezing to death in a t-shirt and pair of shorts.
I did steal Paul's idea of labeling the photo with the place where it was taken. Not a bad idea Paul!
This is from my old film files, taken with an "antique" Minolta 35mm SLR.


  1. Not bad for a scanned photo. Just kind of hard to feel sorry for someone who goes to Maui then searches out a place where he can get cold!!LOL

    Nice Pic!

  2. Oh sure blame me! You were just looking for an excuse to post another Hawaii photograph... LOL

    Pretty nice photo for a "grainy old film shot"!

    This business of labeling the bottom of the frame... I stole the idea from Q. I saw him use this on some of the first Hawaii photos he posted here on this blog.

  3. Yep! It was cold on top of this mountain. I think this tourist attraction is over rated to me. But, it was beautiful ride up to the mountain. Next time, I will do the downhill bike tour, and horseback ride into the crater. Good work on converting to digital format.

  4. Well Paul, as long as the stealing stays inthe family I guess we're all right! LOL

    Q, the bike ride down the volcano? You do know there are several up hill parts to that down hill ride don't you? I think I would rather try taking up close photos of buffalo than ride down that mountain. Lots of bike riders going down and lots of cars going up and all on a not side wide road. Its an accident (or several) just waiting to happen.

  5. I cannot imagine standing where you stood to get this great photo. Too high for me. Thanks for the photo!


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