Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Returned Monday from a most enjoyable Nineteen Day adventure to the Wichita Mtns. Wildlife Refuge in Southwest Oklahoma!

Ron and Cheryl drove down from Kansas, Mark and Tana along with Cindy were already there coming from Oklahoma. A Motor Home, two Fifth Wheels and a Bumper Pull ! We anchored a section of the upper loop in Camp Doris . We had all planned this Get Together in June earlier this year.

Despite all the Wildfires and the many acres burned, there were still areas that were not affected. No one's spirits were dampened by the burned areas as we all knew that this is very beneficial and productive to the native grasses of these plains which in turn give life to it's inhabitants.

The above Pics were taken on a foggy morning. More posts will include some of the burnt areas along with the activities, animals, hikes, that were enjoyed! 


  1. These are wonderful. I can't wait to see the rest of your photos from this trip!

  2. That is sure some pretty looking countryside you got down your way! One of these days I gotta get down to explore some of it...

    Sure like that top picture!

  3. Very nice shots! I really like the top and bottom ones,They give you that wide open felling.

    The middle photo has that shiny gold color to it. Not really the shiny gold I was looking for but not bad all the same! LOL

    The lighting is terrific in all of the shots.

  4. I like the bottom shot due to the road lead me to the main object. Good work Parker!


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