Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New addition

Bought myself a new machine for my little company... (Like I'm not busy enough already) Now all I have to do is play with it until I get comfortable with what all it can do!


  1. WOW! That is a nice machine you got there brother. You're a hard working man, how do you find time to shoot picture? By looking at the pictures, you are an expert already. I hope this new machine will bring you a lot of luck. Also, is this one have a compartment for your camera gears?

  2. I agree with Q, very nice but with all of that work going on how will you ever have time to go to Hawaii? LOL

    I think the dumbest I have ever felt is when I first rented a back hoe and tried to run it. I couldn't make the digging bucket go where I wanted it and do what I wanted it to do to save my life. I had to work on my coordination skills a little.

  3. Ron I know exactly how you felt... I'm still working on my coordination skills especially with the backhoe!

  4. Versatile piece of equipment you have there. Looks like it will take care of alot of jobs.

    Did you train it to stack that neat row of split firwood in the background?LOL


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