Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How typical is this?

A bunch of City worker types all leaning on shovels and nothing getting done... LOL. Truth be known these guys are very hard workers! I know I would never have a hope of keeping up with them.

This picture isn't staged and except for resizing it is as shot with my old Nikon D50.


  1. Lots of contemplating going on here. I had a D50, loved it, but it began to be quirky, so in July I got myself a D5100. I like it a whole lot, too.

  2. You'd think they were wating for a pot of gold to come out of the ground!

    The old D50? Did you just need a reminder of how much better the D90is to shoot with? I have a hard time going back to the D80 after shooting with the D300, the controls are different (more buttons and easier to get to)and I get lost shooting with the D80.

  3. Paul I had to chuckle out loud when I saw that pic. That scene will be repeated many, many times every day around the world. No matter how hard they work, seems they are always caught holding up shovels and looking into holes!

    Very focused shot. I like the pics straight out of the camera if possible and presentable!


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