Thursday, October 13, 2011

More wildlife from the Wichita Mountains

Wait a minute, that's Parker. LOL I guess he could be considered wildlife couldn't he?

We took about a two mile hike into the mountains with a friend of ours on this day. We got up a little higher than planned but since we were there and the opportunity presented itself, I took a photo.

I'm not sure if this little buck ran into something to make his antler grow down or if this gene was passed on. He still had a little bit of "felt" on his antlers. As he gets older and the antlers get bigger he's going to have to adapt a little just to see where he's going. Hopefully I can run across him again in a few years to see what he looks like and how he's getting along.


  1. Interesting young buck picture, never seen anything like this before...
    I agree it would be most curious to see this one again in a few years!

    Rather broken rugged looking countryside you and Parker were hiking when you took the first picture!

  2. Man, Parker sure looks good for his age. I wish when I'm in his age, I could look that good, and could do hiking like that. Is that man in the background smoking during the hike?

  3. Paul, rugged is all that is out there, just a bunch of rocks large and small everywhere.

  4. Q, that was a friend of ours that came down for the day to do some hiking with us.

    He smoked all day long and never acted like it bothered him a bit. I was tired and winded when we started! LOL

  5. First of all "Thanks for the compliment" Q. And yes I do get a little wild, Stayed up till 11:00 PM one night!LOL

    Little Bent Horn was still hanging around camp when I left. The Does were beginning to paw at him, running him off. Changes must be in the air, could also hear the Elk bugle alot more!


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