Thursday, October 27, 2011


Rounding a curve while coming out of the fog, standing in the sunlight was this youthful Buffalo. Stopped the truck and grabbed my camera. The soft light gave the Bison and the grasses that wonderful golden glow.

Notice his wet beard and damp hair on his hind legs. Not yet scarred up like the old bulls, and his body mass not quite fully developed, a fine example of his species already. Tune in tomorrow for a look at his developing personality.................................!
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  1. Very nice shot! Great focus and colors, lots of detail in the photo.

    A wet beard? Maybe he was just drooling over that pretty white truck you have thinking "that would look pretty good with a horn hole in the door". LOL

  2. What a fortunate find and very nice capture on your part! The setting and lighting are perfect for this young bull.


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